Don’t be afraid of intimacy. Relax and learn to enjoy. Sex is much more that orgasm.
Seven tips which can help you improve your sex life.

1. Take care of your health:

Monitor factors like high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic pain, etc. Eat healthily. Being overweight negatively affects your health, while ill health affects your sex life. Exercise: physical activity and everyday fitness routines increase stamina, including sexual stamina, and reduce fatigue. Avoid alcohol and cigarettes, as both negatively affect the ability to achieve and maintain erection.

2. Exercise

In addition to regular physical activity, which will strengthen your body, focus on the pelvic muscles, which helps with erection. Do Kegel’s exercises for men and ensure long-lasting pleasure.  Being overweight negatively affects your health, while ill health affects your sex life.

3. Be on top
Positions which require you to be on top help you achieve firmer erection, as the feeling is better due to weight. If you are below, it is more probable that the penis will become flaccid, particularly if it is a priority for you that you set the rhythm.

4. Use sex toys

Try something new and different. Visit a sex shop with your partner and buy something that will keep you entertained for a long time. If you have problems with your sex life, including premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, a small penis and small quantities of sperm, efficient solutions are available, some of which are presented and offered on this web site.

5. Practice makes perfect

Learn how to prolong your pleasure: not every erection requires immediate orgasm. Make love more slowly, enjoy the moment and prolong it, focus on her, play naughty games...If you do not trust yourself, wear a condom, which will ensure delay. Be sexually active: abstinence which last too long adds to problems, while regular sexual relations improve the quality of your sex life.

6. Experiment

Try new positions and techniques: these changes can contribute to eliminating problems in your sex life.

7. Relax

Stress is a factor that is detrimental to anything, not just erection, so it should be left outside the bedroom door. Do not burden yourself with the size of your penis and your erection; do not be afraid of intimacy. It is not always true that more sexual partners means a more relaxed atmosphere and improves arousal. Learn to enjoy intimacy: sex is much more than just orgasm. Do not forget about the simple pleasures like kissing and hugging.




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