is the ability to develop and maintain the penis firm enough to successfully engage in and conclude a sexual act. The ability to achieve and maintain erection is not only part of sexuality, but can affect male confidence in all areas of life.
Erectile dysfunction is a sexual dysfunction characterised by the inability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis during sexual performance. It used be commonly called impotence, but the expression is used only rarely today, and has been largely replaced by the term ED or erectile dysfunction. ED can significantly lower the quality of life of the affected man and his partner.

Only a full and firm erection enables a relaxed sexual performance and both partners to fully enjoy sex. There are different variations of erectile dysfunction, and different symptoms present in different men. There are three forms of erectile dysfunction: 1) permanent inability to achieve erection, 2) inability to achieve erection fir enough for penetration, 3) inability to maintain erection long enough to finish the sexual act.

erectileProblems with erection are more common than you may think. About 52% of men over 40 have experienced some form of erectile dysfunction; however, it can appear at any age. Even younger men (from 18 to 29) have reported problems with maintaining or achieving erection. Even the smallest problems can be unsettling both for the man in question and his partner. Men with any form of erectile dysfunction should not ignore it but try to resolve it actively.

Erectile dysfunction can be prevented and treated

ED can greatly affect the quality of life of the affected man and his partner. You do not have to give up of sex life if you often have problems with erection. Good news for you and your partner: there is an efficient way to eliminate these problems without a prescription from the doctor –Optiman.

Optiman can also help men who suffer because of different psychological pressure and stress in everyday life and cannot achieve sufficient erection to perform. Therefore, Optiman is increasingly popular among the young, as it helps them to improve performance and increase confidence during sex. .sexual

Your doctor or healthcare provider is definitely the best source of information about your health. Therefore, we advise you to consult your doctor if you have any questions about your health, symptoms or drugs. Information provided on this website is only informative and cannot replace advice provided by a medical professional or a consultation.

To young men, achieving and maintaining erection seems natural and easy. Sometimes a thought is enough. But under the surface, in our body, there are many activity which cause and maintain erection. Erection is the result of complex nervous system and vascular interaction, which are usually connected to sexual arousal. The vascular system has a significant role in achieving and maintaining erection.

When you are aroused your brain and nerve cells respond to sexual stimuli by sending signals via the spinal chord to the nerves in the penis. Signals from the brains in the penis cause the release of nitric oxide (NO), which makes the muscles in the penis relax. This enables increased blood flow, filling the corpora spongiosum and cavernosa with blood, which makes the penis erect. When the corpora grow, they press on the surrounding membranes, which compresses the veins, limiting the drainage of blood from the penis. The blood remains "trapped” in the corpora, and the penis continues to be firm and erect

During erection, there is six times more blood in the penis than when it is  flaccid. Erection stops after the ejaculation o the penis or if external disturbances stop the signals which caused it. Blood flow and the pressure on the chamber lessens, the blood flows out and the penis becomes flaccid. The enzyme, which directly lessens the pressure on the veins, and thereby contributes to returning the penis in the normal, flaccid state is called phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5).


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